About the Boat Shed - If lounging in a comfy cane chair under a hundred-year-old cotton tree while pelicans at play in the nearby Maroochy River sounds like the perfect opportunity for a siesta, you'd be right. But it's worth staying awake for a cool drink and a tasty meal at this local institution. The laidback style and natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast is embodied in this friendly restaurant, where the biggest problem you'll have is what to choose from the menu. The food is as fresh and exquisite as the location. If you start with the coconut and chilli prawns with roasted banana and rum syrup, and finish with pistachio meringue and poached rhubarb, you'll have some idea of what nirvana must taste like.

This was a fun project for my friend (Jasmin) and I to team up, we even got to eat lunch in this remarkable location right on the beach. We didn't have to dig deep for inspiration, the shot list and storyline came together very easily on the day. Canon equipment, lenses etc. The video edited in Premiere Pro.



Production date August 17, 2015.