Xander AvatarXander AvatarAllan MacKenzie Photography & Motion. The story behind my avatar is an inspired legacy of my son Alexander. I've always been passionate about filmmaking going way back to my childhood and there I will begin the story.

I grew up in the outback Queensland town of Morven, Australia during the 60s & 70s. In my high school years I became absorbed with oil painting the outback landscapes and broadcasting the weekly school news as a cameraman. I recall the travelling cinema troop coming out from Brisbane beaming on the wall of our state school the latest Spaghetti Western or Buck Rogers Sci-fi. From that moment on I was hooked on moving pictures, which became a life long obsession.

In the 60's, the Aunty of one of my childhood friends had an 8mm and recorded our early years as toddlers running around in circles playing and just having a wonderful time growing up in the wide open spaces of the Australian Outback. Years later, I recall watching this footage and It was amazing to hear and see ourselves play, how we sounded (What a wonderful time capsule). My first video camera.My first video camera.Purchased in 2001.

In 2001 my son was born and as a proud dotting Dad I purchased my first video camera. For the first 3 years of my sons life he had a video camera on him everywhere he went. What was so adorable, he was getting a little tongue tied pronouncing his name Alexander, so for the first few years he would say his name as "xander" or pronounced "zander" which is the first 3 letters dropped from his name. 

Every Christmas I would call the family into the TV room after lunch to watch the year in review of our boy on DVD, cut up on ULEAD Systems (remember that software?) I used to make these epic productions as an inspired fan of the 80's Hollywood Blockbusters such as Indiana Jones and others. 

Alexander and I in 2005.Alexander and I in 2005.Taken on Nan's property, Mapleton, QLD.

One Christmas after one of these viewings, someone in the family said "Hey not bad, you should do that for a living?" I replied "Fair-dinkum??" Hmmm then I got thinking?

In 2005 the dream was realised, I took long service leave from my corporate job after attending the Queensland School of Film & Television and formed our production company called Xander Creations Pty Ltd. We were a corporate video production company producing corporate videos for businesses for the next several years.

So coming back to my avatar today (Which has always followed me) in my branding is designed in the shape of an X, which is the first letter of Xander. My journey today in the creative field of photography and motion is a legacy inspired to me from my boy Alexander (Love you son) So now when you see my avatar, you will know the story. I still have all those DVD's, maybe I'll bring them out for Alexanders 21st :)